UK and Far East Partnership for Supply Chain Management and New Product Introduction

uk and asia flagsUK Product Design Agency, Strathclyde Design Services has expanded their services to support the UK engineering industry with an innovative partnership. For companies who want to operate in the Far East, but have no contact. Strathclyde Design Services have joined with Bridge Solutions to work as the UK business’ manager in the region for supplying full engineering support including supply chain support and new product introduction.

This pioneering partnership with help the UK manufacturing and engineering industry. The decision to outsource production, offers opportunities but when deciding on the best manufacturing choice, it can present great challenges, including both the language and cultural difference. For a business, this can involve a substantial investment in both resource and cost and it does not come with a guarantee of a quality solution.

China has now become the world’s number one base for production, and by outsourcing production there, companies can obtain a significant cost and time to market advantage. Strathclyde Design Services will assist, by providing full support to move from prototypes to volume production. Working in partnership with the business the company will carry out a full product review, identify component vendors, contract manufacturers, and support all functions required. Strathclyde Design Services will help UK companies make the best choice when it comes to finding a suitable manufacturing base for their product.

Partnering with the local supply chain management company allows the businesses to get access to a pool of supply chain managers in the area.  The team provides expert knowledge and skills in each stage of the supply chain process. Strathclyde Design Services will manage planning, execution and control to manufacture and deliver the product to the market. The locally based team to will manage the supply chain and stay in contact with the business, through regular web based meetings to keep them updated on all matters.

This service will enable UK businesses to introduce products in a cost-effective, and timely manner with the potential to expand their products portfolio by easing the process of product transfer.

With their local knowledge and expertise Strathclyde Design Services can help business to make the most of what they are looking to achieve. Our objective is to provide a top quality product, on schedule, and within budget, and to work with companies in the future through continuous improvement, to drive down costs where possible.