Who Needs CAD Services?

Mechanical engineeringFuelled by the need to beat short deadlines and minimise costs, the manufacturing industry is always on the lookout for the best ways of automating their processes. Apart from ability to avoid high manufacturing costs brought about deep recession, companies that use CAD services are capable of beating their rivals in the industry since they get higher profits with less cost. While Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) applications have been used for years by production companies for controlling machines, tools, and various other manufacturing operations and are still the dominant way for CNC machining programing, machine shops are always searching for better technology to improve production.

Every day, the pressure to reduce lead times and lower prices of products piles upon manufacturers. In addition, there is always the need to keep up the competitive edge. Companies must, therefore, look for the cheapest but speedy manufacturing processes. 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology has become the best bet for machine shops. Besides the obvious benefits, there are several other overwhelmingly important reasons for manufacturers to choose 3D CAD system for their manufacturing needs.

Benefits of CAD to Machine Shops

With the increasing competition in the manufacturing industry, companies have to reduce the time of production and cut down on the costs of customer geometry processes and creation of tools as well as CNC code programming. In addition, they have to look for better ways of interacting with their customers. Without doubt, the use of 3D CAD services from Strathclyde Design Services is the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Improved handling of part models

Machine shops need to find a way of repairing, importing and working with various design data. A 3D CAD system allows designers of parts to fit metadata to 3D models in order to get the dimensions of various features and find out the ability of machines for geometric tolerance. By use of this data, machinists take a better look at the parts and determine their need for manufacture. In the end, a lot of time is saved with better accuracy and less waste and scrap as well as reduced need to do reworks.

Automated Changes to Designs

Sometimes, there may be an engineering change order when the designer deems it fit to change the design of the machine. In addition, the machine shop may need to solve a particular problem in the production process. Whatever the case, there is no better way of doing it than use of 3D CAD system to automatically re-program the tool path in the CAM system thus effectively changing the model. However, the CAM package and the CAD system should be fully integrated.

Improved Communication With Customers

At some stage, machine shops effects changes to the machine designs especially when there is a need to solve a problem in production. For instance, the wall thickness of a part may be too thin for injection molding and it has to be to be thickened. However, the manufacturer should provide a thorough explanation to the customer. With the communication offered by CAD services, it is easier to let the customer know about the changes.

Enhanced Mold Component Creation Tools

To evaluate and make draft angle changes as well as increase or reduce wall thicknesses and change surfaces, machine shops need additional tools. Some 3D CAD systems come with tools that enhance the creation of mold components such as sliders, runners, ejectors and core and cavity. In addition, the tools enable proper positioning of parting lines.

Manufacturing is a highly competitive industry. Companies that do not embrace the latest technology are at a great risk of being forced out of business. Apart from high costs, traditional production methods are far much slower, thus reducing profits. The best way of staying at the top and keeping up with the fast pace of current manufacturing trends is contracting CAD services for your manufacturing needs.

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